Leadership Development for Our Time

On Leadership

There is no such thing as a natural born leader.

Leaders are not born, they are developed over time. Through a combination of experiences, education, training, practice, and mindfulness, everyone has the potential to become a leader.

Leadership is an action, not a box on an org chart.

Being 'the boss' doesn't make you a leader. Everyone can practice leadership regardless of their position in an organization or community by influencing others toward positive change.

And... you don't have to be loud to be a leader.

Practicing leadership and creating change can happen in small, quiet ways that build upon personal relationships and shared values. 

We need more leaders.

We live in challenging times.  The issues we face in our organizations and communities are complex and often ambiguous, which can seem daunting.  Yet everyone has the ability to learn new ways of thinking and acting to create a sustainable, effective future.

Let me help you reach your leadership potential.